Top Italian sparkling wines in USA

Buone notizie per gli sparkling wines di casa nostra: il loro trend di crescita nel mercato americano continua (+19,7% nel 2011).

In testa alla classifica delle preferenze, manco a dirlo, il Prosecco - anzi, i Proseccos, al plurale - venduti per pochi dollari la bottiglia. 

Tutti i dati sull'ultimo report di Impact Databank, di cui Shanken News trasmette un estratto, che riprendiamo integralmente:

"Impact Databank’s exclusive analysis of the top 10 imported sparkling wines in the U.S. market finds that Italian wines continue to be the biggest volume drivers in this rising segment. Total imported sparkling wine shipments to the U.S. increased 19.7% to 7.65 million cases in 2011.

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USA: Mionetto’s Il Prosecco pressed by a new entry, Cavit Lunetta

Prosecco has been one of the U.S. wine market’s hottest categories over the past few years, and no marketer has played a larger role in its success than Brooklyn, New York-based Mionetto USA. Mionetto’s Il Prosecco has been the category leader for the past half-decade, and the brand shows no sign of slowing down. After earning an Impact “Hot Brand” award following its 20% advance to 265,000 cases in 2010, the brand’s growth actually accelerated in the early months of 2011.

While Champagne and some other sparkling wine categories were hurt by the economic downturn, Prosecco—and Mionetto—appear to have been helped by it. “Consumers are still looking for value alternatives but don’t want to compromise on quality,” says Enore Ceola, managing director of Mionetto USA.

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