A wine a day (for a week): from Alto Adige, Trentino,Valpolicella, Sicilia, NZ

Busy week, the last of May. Many wine tastings, the most very interesting. These are my notes, with a news: sometimes in these reviews (not always, I mean) I'll introduce my "best(s) of the week", the wine(s) that impressed me more.

Monday: "Pinot Grigio 2012" - Roverè della Luna. From a cooperative, maybe the best pinot gris I tasted in the last months. Pale color with green nuances, incredibly fruity (white peer and ripe peach) with a fine personality, elegant and juicy, smooth and long. Drinkable with satisfaction. Best of the week for the white wines .

Tuesday: "Insolia 2011" - Feudo Principi di Butera. Tropical yellow fruits (ananas, banana) with a touch of white pear at nose and in mouth, for this Insolia very long and smooth. Clean in the final, with a touch of white flowers.

Wednesday: "L'Altro Manzoni" 2010 - La Vis Maso Franch. If you don't know it, the "other" Manzoni is the White Manzoni. Professor Luigi Manzoni was a researcher of Italy's oldest school of oenology located in Conegliano (Veneto region). He created new grape varieties by selecting, crossing and grafting vines from various vineyards during the 1930s. The most famous is the Incrocio Manzoni Bianco 6.0.13, a crossing between riesling and pinot blanc. This wine, sealed with screwcup (not so familiar, for the italian market) is a really "mineral" wine, salty, long...a very nice and recognizable wine from Val di Cembra.

Thursday: "Sandbichler Riserva Pinot Noir" - H.Lun. From the traditional event focused on Pinot Noir in Alto Adige - the Verein Blauburgundertagen - one of the best wines I tasted was this Riserva: long, very drinkable, with a touch of licorice, elegant and balsamic at nose and in mouth. A pinot noir to buy. 

Friday: "Flaxbourne Pinot Noir 2010" - Yealands Estate. Red, red small fruits of the woods.. Intriguing in mouth, balsamic, with scents of minerality, fresh and long, another very interesting pinot noir. 

Saturday: "Rosa Rosae 2012 Rosato Veronese" - Guerrieri Rizzardi . With corvina 80%. Fine pink color in the glass, with nice flavors of strawberry and cherries, fresh in mouth with nuances of green herbs.

Sunday: "Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Carcarole 1998" - Guerrieri Rizzardi. Long, full bodied, elegant, straight... Cherries in dark chocolate with sweet exotic spicy. A real Amarone della Valpolicella. Best of the week for the red wines.