How to...get air into your wine

Wine needs to breath, isn'it? if you're not aerating your wine, you're not tasting it at its full potential. Well, there are many methods to get air into your wine, ranging from swirling the glass and "letting it breathe" to decanting it.

Which is why there are many "wine aerating systems" on the market today that will aerate your wine in seconds instead of hours. Most of these use a "pour-through" method, where you pour the wine through a special funnel designed to mix up and aerate the wine. This is the True Taste Wine Aerator System: it works by actually pumping air directly into your wine at the rate you choose, allowing you to control how much aeration occurs.

Progettato per chi ha sempre fretta e non ha ancora capito che uno dei pregi del vino è la possibilità che ci offre di fare, talvolta, anche esercizio di ...pazienza.