Terroir al Limit assaulted - why blame the wine?

 La notizia ci giunge dall'amico wine blogger catalano Joan Gomez de Pallarés: l'azienda Terroir al Limit, nel Priorato, è stata oggetto poche notti fa di un vero e proprio attacco vandalico. Di seguito il racconto (in inglese) e a seguire la traduzione in italiano.

All'azienda, ovviamente, tutta la nostra solidarietà.

Terroir al Limit assaulted!

"On the night of the 13th of June 2011, in the village of Torroja del Priorat, Spain, an appalling and almost unthinkable event took place at the cellar of the Terroir Al Limit winery. The cellar locks were broken open, and a terrible act of vandalism followed. The taps of some tanks were simply opened and wine allowed to flow out onto the floor. Many casks of wine in the cellar were ruined by contamination with household bleach.
The owners of Terroir al Limit, Dominik Huber, Eben Sadie and Jaume Sabaté, strongly condemn this unexplained act. It was not as direct or dramatic as an assault on human life, but is in some way an assault on mankind and a crime of unthinkable measure. Was it some expression of hatred or sheer vandalism? There is no obvious underlying reason, and no-one has admitted responsibility for the cowardly act of destruction.

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