What is... Amarone?

What do you know about...Amarone della Valpolicella? Well, you can say it's a famous Italian red wine, made with dried grapes (here you can find more information). That it's warm, elegant, concentrated, etc. etc.

But, did you know that Amarone is also a...restaurant?

A colour?

A... personal name?

Surfing in the web, you can find a lot of curiosities about this wine, certainly because its success.

I have collected some,but if you find others, tell me!

So, for some people Amarone is:

- a restaurant (like this, or this. But the world seems full of Amarone Restaurants);

- a colour. For a car.

- a jewel line;

- a style of boots;

- a wood flooring company;

-...and even a musical place!

What is Amarone, for you?